Being Brave for Bailey
Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Pet

Corey Gut is a veterinarian in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She married her college sweetheart Adam and has two beautiful daughters, Addison and Ashley, and two furry, 4-legged sons named Vinnie and Derby. Corey’s previous veterinary roles have included international surgeon, wildlife doctor, Earthwatch rescue and rehabilitator, veterinary counselor and professor. Although she has loved working in a wide variety of veterinary fields, she finds her current job of caring for families and their pets the most personally rewarding. After 10 years in practice, Corey wrote this book to provide parents with a tool to broach the difficult subject of euthanasia and pet loss with their children. Her goal is to get a copy into every library and elementary school in the United States.

Jaime Myers, the illustrator of this book, is Corey Gut's mom and biggest cheerleader.  She lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan with her husband Larry, their Schipperke named Jiggy and two enormous cats named Hammy and Charmin.  After careers in education and the computer industry, she retired in 2013 and is enjoying her free time gardening, painting and being a grandma.